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AI Case Study

Morgan Stanley automates composition of reassuring emails for clients when adverse financial events occur

Morgan Stanley is automating customer care reassurance by sending personalised emails to clients when current events send financial markets into panic.


Financial Services

Investment Banking And Investment Services

Project Overview

"Morgan Stanley is leveraging artificial intelligence to generate customized emails for its 16,000 financial advisers to send to clients when the markets go berserk. In addition to giving the firm's perspective of the market, those emails will show how a major event, like Brexit, might impact a client's overall portfolio.
The technology is intended to take over rote tasks for financial advisers and free them up to focus on more sophisticated client needs — not to replace flesh and blood advisers, bank executives have said. What's striking, however, is that the robots will add their own personal touch to the financial advisers' emails. Gleaning information from a client's social media and other public sources, emails would also be tailored to include personal details to make them appear more human-like."

Reported Results

Undisclosed; difficult to tell if this is in fact been rolled out extensively




Customer Management


"During major market sell-offs, financial advisers have to grind to make sure their clients remain calm and don't sell their stocks in a panic. It often requires hours on the phone with clients and blast emails aimed at quelling their anxieties about how a downturn could impact their overall financial picture."



Social media, public data

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