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AI Case Study

NBCUniversal pilots machine learning to analyse ad placement during its shows with a 64% jump in message memorability

NBCUniversal is launching a beta project which uses machine learning to determine where to place ads based on the content of television programmes. This will allow context-based marketing at scale.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

"But now, NBCUniversal has adopted a new machine learning tool that makes the placement of ads on TV more exact, relevant and timely. The Context Intelligence Platform analyzes scripts, closed captions and visual descriptions to identify the perfect moment for particular ads to appear. So if you're watching a USA Network show that features a party scene, for example, it won't be a coincidence if the following ad is for an alcoholic drinks brand. The system is due for official release early next year, with three to five advertisers currently working with NBCU on beta-testing."

Reported Results

"According to NBCU head of marketing and advertising creative Josh Feldman, trials of the platform have resulted in a 19 percent jump in brand memorability, 13 percent in likability and 64 percent in message memorability."


Details undisclosed



Channel Marketing


Context-based advertising is not new, but the ability to automate the matching of context and appropriate advertisement will advertisers to carry it out at scale.



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