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AI Case Study

Norwegian increases public awareness of new new non-stop routes by 94% with the use of AI

Norwegian has leveraged technology from LoopMe to create targeted marketing material in order to raise public awareness on its new non-stop routes to Ireland and Scotland. By targeting an optimised audience segment, Norwegian's agency managed to increase awareness by 94%.




Project Overview

"Vizeum, Norwegian Air’s agency, partnered with LoopMe on the airline’s inaugural 737 MAX 8 campaign to drive awareness of the new non-stop routes to Ireland and Scotland.

To generate a big splash in the Northeast about these new direct routes, LoopMe created a custom rich media unit specific to each DMA that encouraged users to discover the various Ireland and Scotland destinations Norwegian Air serviced. Users could engage in a fun and interactive way by dragging the plane from their local airport to potential destinations.

To measure brand impact outside of standard metrics, LoopMe asked a group of control and exposed users within the target audience if they knew of these new non-stop routes to measure initial awareness. Once the responses were analyzed, LoopMe’s AI and DMP worked in tandem to actively target an optimized audience segment with the Norwegian Air creative to increase awareness.

“As a pioneer of low-cost air travel, Innovation is in our DNA, but finding advertising solutions that break through today’s crowded media environment remains challenging,” explains Ben Kaufman, Norwegian Air’s marketing manager, North America. “The LoopMe interactive solution deployed by Vizeum to help raise awareness of our new point-to-point transatlantic flights perfectly paired Norwegian’s unique value proposition to a modern, easy-to-use custom unit that, in a word, delivered. The units offered a clean brand introduction to millions of prospective buyers and helped propel Norwegian’s position in the market as the leader in low cost long-haul air travel.”

Reported Results

"LoopMe’s custom creative and optimization was able to increase awareness of Norwegian Air’s new non-stop routes by 94 percent."


"Driven by LoopMe’s artificial intelligence and mobile data, PurchaseLoop uses survey, location and purchase data to optimize campaign delivery in real-time toward brand outcomes, only showing ads to the consumers most likely to undergo a change in opinion, visit a store or make a purchase."



Digital Marketing


"Over the course of 2017, Norwegian Air has rapidly expanded its list of American origin cities, offering dozens of new European destinations. Despite the proliferation, the affordable airline knew awareness for its newly accessible routes in key Northeast markets was not at optimal levels."



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