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AI Case Study

Oracle HCM aims to help organisations segment and manage recruitment and training of their workforce better using machine learning

Oracle HCM plans to use machine learning to help companies manage workforce through various stages from hiring, on-boarding, training and career planning. Oracle's recommendation engine offers personalised advice and training for employees who choose a specific career path and is able to predict employee satisfaction.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"In a consolidated architectural platform, the succession management module can identify the skills and knowledge a candidate lacks. It can then pass that information to the learning and development module, which can create a tailored curriculum that will guide a succession candidate in developing missing success criteria. It can also pass that information to the goal-setting module within the performance management application, which can assist both employees and their managers in setting and managing actionable development goals.

With their machine-learning capabilities, modern learning platforms excel in delivering individual learning and development opportunities. Future leaders can leverage best-practice tools to ensure that they are pursuing development opportunities in ways that are helping them actually learn, not just completing a “check the box” exercise. These tools include microlearning—in which small, very specific bursts of content are delivered—and spaced learning, in which the content is repeated three times. By utilizing modern learning platforms, organizations can better prepare leaders at an individual level, versus the more traditional learning programs in which everyone is given the same development opportunities, regardless of need."

Reported Results

Oracle launched the product in March 2018 and results are not yet available



Human Resources

Training And Career Development


"As AI, big data, and machine learning continue to drive informed decision-making, companies can uncover and address learning needs in a more efficient way to develop, engage, and retain talent."



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