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AI Case Study

RapidMiner conducts a thousand text chatbots monthly identifying hot leads and improving customer service responsiveness

RapidMiner, a data science software provider, was overwhelmed by the support of 60,000 users who sign-up monthly for their free trial. They implemented Drift's conversational sales and marketing platform to help manage the volume. They are now resolving two thirds of the thousand monthly chat automatically with the rest diverted to customer service agents. The chatbot is also generating qualified leads for the sales team.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"The company had a popular chat feature on its site, but its salesforce was overwhelmed — and spending a great deal of time — sorting through the chat sessions to find potential customers. It was like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

RapidMiner license a conversational marketing and sales platform from Drift. It deployed the text chabot quickly and it would ask visitors 'What brought you to RapidMiner today?' The visitor would respond, and the Drift bot would provide one of seven potential follow-up answers. For example, a visitor might say, 'I need help,' and Drift would send him or her to the support section of the website."

Reported Results

"The Drift bot now conducts about a thousand chats per month. It resolves about two-thirds of customer inquiries; those that it cannot, it routes to humans." t also generates qualified leads for the sales team.





Sales Operations


RapidMiner provides analytical tools for data scientists. "Like many software companies, RapidMiner offers free trials, and they were struggling to serve the approximately 60,000 users who come to the company’s site each month for the free trial. Many of the visitors using RapidMiner’s software, and needing help, are not paying anything for the service." How could the team keep up in a cost-effective manner?



Chatbot conversations.

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