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AI Case Study

Ryanair monitors the performance of its online service in real time and identifies root cause of issues in minutes compared to hours previously using machine learning

Ryanair uses New Relic's Digital Intelligence Platform to measure real-time performance of its online services - both system capability and functionality. The platform helps troubleshoot issues instantly. Digital Intelligence Platform creates a baseline model of the system and activities and can identify any changes quickly.




Project Overview

"New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform is used by Ryanair to measure real-time performance as well as to troubleshoot issues
Strategic tool that allows operations to understand system health, triage issues, and share real-time metrics with non-technical business units for a holistic understanding of the health of digital properties
Allows operations to understand and pinpoint issues in minutes that previously would have taken hours
Enabled a four-person team to transform a monolithic stack to a web application and microservices-based architecture without requiring increased headcount"

Reported Results

According to New Relic, the platform helps:

* Uncover trends and patterns of application usage
* Identify performance issues with third-party services
* Detect cyberattacks
* Discover increases in payment fraud attempts
* Enabled the 4 member Ryanair IT operations team to take on far more responsibility and support more customer-facing infrastructure with nine different microservices all interlaced and talking to each other within the website






More than 1.3 million people visit the Ryanair website every day and is one of the top priorities to ensure smooth operations.



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