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AI Case Study

SalesRabbit improves conversion of demo requests to sales meetings by 40% through text-based chatbot

SalesRabbit adopted a Drift text-based chatbot to automate meeting scheduling with potential clients, replacing online forms and funnelling website visitors to the correct resource, leading to a meeting request conversion rate increase of 40%. Additionally it filters customer intent to ensure that legitimate inquiries are passed along to sales representatives, leading to a purported 84% increase in productivity.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

SalesRabbit implemented Drift's chatbot for 'conversational marketing' which responds and routes customers to the appropriate page on their website via a text messaging interface. "Now that they are using Drift, they’re able to ask if the person requesting a demo is already using SalesRabbit. In fact, it’s the first question from their Drift bot, Rabbot. If the person is already using SalesRabbit, and therefore a customer, the bot will provide them with the contact information for the customer success team. Since switching to using a bot instead of a form, only about 5% of demo requests that come through are really customers (with the form it was 19%), which greatly increases the sales team’s productivity – by 84%."

Reported Results

The vendor claims:

* 84% increased productivity as a result of customers being channelled to the right resource
* 40% increase in sales meetings held
* 50% increase in customer quality, filtering out those who were more likely to time waste




Sales Operations


SalesRabbit is a field sales tracking CRM vendor. "Before switching to Drift, SalesRabbit was using a form for site visitors to request a demo, and that introduced a lot of inefficiency into the scheduling process. The form would notify the sales rep, who would then email the prospect to find a mutually available time, often leading to several back and forths just to book a meeting. This also meant that the team was losing demos because emails would go unanswered, prospects would lose interest, or forget to reply at all."



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