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AI Case Study

San Diego plans to implement predictive building management and maintenance software from Site 1001 to improve operations efficiency

San Diego is planning to implement building management software from Site 1001 to detect usage anomalies and optimise resource usage. Site 1001's technology purportedly uses artificial intelligence.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"Site 1001’s intelligent building management and maintenance software platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help building managers prevent equipment failures, eliminate waste and operate more efficiently. Site 1001 claims its technology is designed to give building managers highly detailed operations and maintenance information about all of their building systems so they can troubleshoot problems quickly, reduce waste and improve a building’s efficiency across the board. Site 1001 and Cleantech San Diego will promote the adoption of smart Internet of Things (IoT) and cleantech economy initiatives through private-public-academic landscape collaboration".

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


Details undisclosed



Field Services


"Experts estimate that between 30- and 50 per cent of all energy and water consumption, carbon emissions and waste within a city comes from its buildings, many of which aren’t maintained or operated to ensure optimal performance... The Cleantech San Diego/Smart Cities San Diego is a collaboration between public, private, and academic organisations working to develop and implement clean energy and smart cities initiatives in the greater San Diego region... Smart building management technology start-up Site 1001 has joined Cleantech San Diego/Smart Cities San Diego organisation to bring its facility management platform to the city".



Details undisclosed

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