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AI Case Study

Schneider Electric expands its potential candidate database to 275m and identifies candidates matching jobs using machine learning

With hundreds of open vacancies at any time, Schneider Electric is constantly looking to hire. Using Entelo's solution they gained access to over 275 million potential candidates. The platform also screens resumes to find the best matching candidates for each opening. It also helps identify the best ways to reach candidates.




Project Overview

"Before taking Entelo's help most of the hiring process at Schneider Electric was manual.

With Entelo Search, Schneider recruiters are able to follow the digital footprint of a candidate – across mediums such as Twitter, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Quora, Dribbble, and GrabCad – to determine skills, passions, hobbies, and ultimately, fit with the company’s mission and culture and gained access to a rich talent
database of over 275 million potential candidates and the intelligence needed to filter out the best people for each role."

Reported Results

The company claims:

* Access to 200M candidates
* Tailored emails to candidates, with a much higher likelihood of being opened



Human Resources



From its founding in 1836 to today, Schneider Electric has
transformed itself into the global specialist in energy



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