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AI Case Study

ServiceNow automates password reset for customers using chatbot

Servicenow deploys chatbot Sofi, an omni channel virtual assistant to help users. Sofi asks them questions like a regular service desk employee and attempts to predict customer intent and guides them. Sofi uses semantic search to find relevant information and when it is not able to resolve issues it redirects the user to the appropriate team.



Software And It Services

Project Overview can assists customer with issues, starts by asking which system they are having difficulties with and provides some knowledge that may be useful. hen asks clarifying questions to determine the best course of action, and finally guides the customer through solution.
For eg: is able to guide customers through the password reset process using an integration with a Active Directory password reset automation tool.

Reported Results

Automation of routine activities



Information Technology



Servicenow is an IT service management software company based in California.



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