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AI Case Study

Siemens develops a platform to provide AI-generated headlines and content suggestion for its communications writers

Siemens is developing an AI platform, currently in beta, to scan the web and provide AI-generated topic suggestions for its internal authors. The goal is to increase communications reach and help write headlines which will garner interest.




Project Overview

According to Stephanie Chalmers, global head of content and newsroom and Mark Seall, global head of digital communications, the platform allows internal authors to write for an external audience without having to go through numerous rounds of sign-offs. "For instance, the 'blank canvas' dilemma – whereby authors can’t decide what to write about – has been solved by an AI tool that scans the web and tells them which topics are both timely and relevent to a tech audience. Siemens can also scan internal platforms to pull out interesting stories that may appear mundane to staff working around them daily. This data is coupled with a pre-SEO automated set of headlines, in order to drive reach. Writers are presented with the headline and go from there; those that need extra help with writing are offered it in the form of assisted authoring software, which helps them to 'write like a pro'". Seall points out "that this method of starting with automated AI-generated headlines also solves the problem of writers churning out 1,000-word pieces that no one will read".

Reported Results

Currently in beta (Q2 2018), results not yet available.


"The development uses data and Adobe's Sensei AI technology...
An AI tool scans the web and tells content writers which topics are both timely and relevant to a tech audience".





"Siemens wants to turn its digital communications platform into one that’s as important to consumers as Facebook, and it’s starting by getting artificial intelligence to tell its internal authors what to write about. The tech conglomerate believes the sheer scale of its work (which is carried out by more than 350,000 employees worldwide) makes for stories that will interest people outside of the company. However the two heads of its communications department – both less than two years into their respective jobs – are aware that the brand has been historically ineffective at telling these stories, largely due to its distrust in non-traditional media."



Data from the web in the form of topics, stories, news.

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