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AI Case Study

Small Robot Company offers robot for precision drilling and planting for per plant accuracy

Small Robot Company is a vendor aiming at making farms more profitable by maximising their yield and efficiency. The company offers a service which comprises of small robots instead of tractors for rop and soil monitoring, precision spraying and laser weeding, precision drilling and planting as well as an operating system based on AI-driven neural network. The company claims it will reduce chemical usage and cultivation energy in arable farming by up to 95%.


Basic Materials


Project Overview

"Harry: Precision drilling and planting for per plant accuracy.
Harry also lives at Small Robot Central, and is at Wilma’s beck and call to come when needed to your farm.
Harry is the world's first robotic drill for combinable crops. He places individual seeds in the ground and accurately records exactly where he has placed them.
Harry gives you driverless, super accurate drilling with minimal soil disturbance. Harry’s lightness will avoid churn and compaction, and bring the edges and corners of your fields back into full production.
Harry also records where he has planted every seed, and passes this information to Wilma to make up the per-plant crop map.
When Wilma tells Harry that an individual seed hasn’t germinated, he is light enough and precise enough to replace it."

The company is collecting data to train the neural networks.
The planting robot will be ready for commercial trials in October 2018, while the full service will come on line over the next three years.

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


Tom is built to work alongside a comprehensive digital crop data model, in combination with WILMA, our AI driven operating system.
Harry gives you driverless, super accurate drilling with minimal soil disturbance, in combination with Wilma, the AI driven operating system. (smallrobotcompany)



Field Services


"The company will make farms more profitable, and increase yield and efficiency, through using small robots instead of tractors. Its arable farming robots Tom, Dick and Harry will enable farmers to be kinder to soil, kinder to the environment, more efficient, more precise and more productive." (smallrobotcompany - press release)



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