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AI Case Study

Smashbox cosmetics improves mobile app conversion rates by 27% using eye-tracking technology to improve customer user experience

Smashbox uses eye tracking powered by Modiface in its mobile MAKEUP app to determine which products customers are focused on. This improves product recommendations tailored to the user as well as the customer's experience with the UI.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

ModiFace provides personalised product recommendation and allows customers to digitally try on products by accessing a device's camera, improving online/mobile shopping experience. By tracking the app's users' eye movements, Smashbox is able to determine which features of its UI are most beneficial.

Reported Results

Smashbox claims "a 27% conversion increase attributed primarily to the eye gaze-based interface".




Sales Operations


Smashbox is a cosmetics company offering a mobile app which allows users to try on makeup using AR and browse products.



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