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AI Case Study

Snowflake Computing Inc. increases lead conversions into sales using email chatbots with natural language processing

Snowflake Computing Inc. has implemented sales email bots from Conversica in order to contact and nurture leads. The program automates sales emails with leads, discussing product interest and getting additional details such as further contact information, and passing on the conversation to a human agent when buying interest is expressed. It does so using natural language programming, and the company states that sales have increased quickly after implementation.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

The Wall Street Journal reports that "[w] the 100-plus sales team at Snowflake Computing Inc. had more leads than it could handle, the company assigned each rep a personal assistant to engage with potential clients." Each AI sales assistant "speaks six languages and works around the clock contacting, engaging and following up with prospects who have reached out to Snowflake through its website, email, text, social media or other channels. When it determines that a lead is ready to buy, it alerts a human sales rep, handing off useful tips, like the best contact number or time of day to call." The assistant works as a chatbot by emailing leads which have opted-in to being contacted and following up by discussing products and asking for additional information, such as phone numbers.

Reported Results

According to the chief marketing officer in The Wall Street Journal, "sales showed a tangible boost after four months".




Sales Operations


From the Wall Street Journal: "Digital tools powered by intelligent algorithms are changing the way corporate sales teams operate. Automated assistants and other smart tools take over repetitive, time-consuming tasks from harried sales staff, who spend too much time chasing dead ends that don't produce a sale, and not enough time chasing those that do, sales managers say."


Revenue - New customer discovery


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