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AI Case Study

Southwest Airlines improves safety and preventes flight anomalies with machine learning

Southwest Airlines leverages machine learning techniques like time series analysis and pattern recognition to identify flight anomalies patterns in historical data. With enhanced data mining capabilities the company is able to avoid and prevent potential future safety issues. The airline has successfully managed to communicate with Las Vegas' and Denver's air traffic control to resolve arrival issues.




Project Overview

"According to Jeff Hamlet, former Director of Air Operations Assurance using machine-learning algorithms to identify patterns has enabled Southwest Airlines to identify potential flight anomalies found in pilots’ data reports. The issues that pilots report allow them to mine the flight data (from FDAP) to get a better idea of where those problems may be occurring and to what extent.
The collection of time-ordered data helps locate glitches in flight patterns to report to air traffic control upon arrival."

Reported Results

"The company has been successful in communicating with air traffic control in Las Vegas and in Denver about arrival issues and how their instructions impact operations."


Time series analysis


Human Resources

Health And Safety




time-ordered data, flight reports

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