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AI Case Study

Starcorp chooses which projects to pursue by evaluating probability of success as well as risks associated with different options using machine learning

Starcorp, a high growth disruptor of electronics industry had a variety of options to choose from but didn't have a model to measure risk and chance of success. Aptage helped them solve the challenge of predicting risk based on market unknowns, new technology introduction, capital etc enabling them to plan projects better and follow schedule and budget.



Technology Hardware And Equipment

Project Overview

"Starcorp approached Aptage to solve the complex challenge of resolving market unknowns/responses, new technology introduction/scale and limited capital/resources into a coherent business strategy to reclaim performance-to-plan and achieve early-majority customer adoption and growth inflection. StarCorp investors and BoD were very supportive of quantitative approach to enterprise management and galvanized around CEO, executive team and project.

– In a nutshell, Aptage provided a quantitative, intelligent, learning and user-friendly turn-key tool to “cross the chasm” – classic Geoffrey Moore – a process most/all emerging companies have to go through, a process that is most responsible for the demise of promising start-up and early-growth companies.

Aptage uses machine learning to predict the outcomes of projects using data you already have, such as the planned start and end date of various phases of the project and estimates about any backlogs to learn the completion rate of the team and predict the likelihood of delivering on time. Software can estimate upper and lower bounds for how long tasks will take using the golden ratio. You also need to put in some information on the source of risks.
Aptage uses visualisations of confidence, feasibility and whether the risk is going up or down over time to help switch between fast and slow thinking. It predicts changing probability of success according to different factors like a change in budget."

Reported Results

The company claims:

* Starcorp selected vertical/customer to precipitate early-majority adoption and used this to identify other verticals.
* Within three quarters of retaining Aptage, Starcorp is 300% ahead of plan YTD and has achieved the inflection point of its growth phase
* Starcorp is on-track to meet its growth and value creation plan



Supply Chain



Starcorp is a 3 year old high growth electronics company in San Francisco. They were having a tough time choosing main projects from a wide selection and consequently falling behind schedule and going over-budget.



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