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AI Case Study

Stecklein & Rapp law firm increases productivity by 20% through automation of billing tracking

Stecklein & Rapp law firm specialises in consumer credit cases. After implementeing Smokeball's platform to improve the tracking of its billable activities, it increased productivity by 20%. The system works by weighting activities carried out by employees for a client, rather than being purely time-based.


Professional Services


Project Overview

According to Smokeball: "Stecklein & Rapp went through the Smokeball onboarding process and had their cases, forms, and contacts migrated to the Smokeball platform seamlessly. A Smokeball Client Success Trainer at their side, Stecklein & Rapp completely customized Smokeball to include all the forms and documents they regularly use in consumer protection law". Its software "includes automatic time and activity tracking, a legal document automation library with over 14,000 legal forms and dedicated account management".

Reported Results

Smokeball claims: "Stecklein & Rapp have found that by using Smokeball’s Activity Intelligence feature they are able to better determine their billable hours for specific cases. This has allowed Stecklein & Rapp to increase productivity by 20% over the previous year because of the tools available in Smokeball’s suite. The efficiency gains have allowed Stecklein & Rapp to better serve their clients while also increasing profitability".


From Above the Law: "The way AI works is actually not time based, but instead on a weighted points system. Showing the total amount of activities processed over time. With this type of data you can view business trends, or employee performance at a high level without counting minutes... What you really need to know is the total amount of work being put into a client's matter."



Accounting And Reporting


From Smokeball: "Stecklein & Rapp is a Consumer Credit law firm located in Kansas City. The firm has represented hundreds of consumers in cases against banks, debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, insurance companies and car dealers. A process-driven firm in its own right, Stecklein & Rapp has implemented Smokeball across both of the firm’s Kansas City offices". Above the Law reports: "The majority percentage of small firms do transaction work of some kind, which portions of can and should be automated. Our document assembly tools, combined with automated tasks and workflow rules remove a large portion of the tedious everyday work that slows the legal process down. For this reason, combined with Smokeball Ai reporting... gives our clients a unique advantage in the marketplace. To deliver services more efficiently at a lower cost, and understand their business like never before."



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