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AI Case Study

StitchFix identifies best matching personal stylists for each customer using machine learning to better serve its 2.2m customers

StitchFix, a US based online styling service, analyses style trends, body measurements, customer feedback and preferences to come up with a set of clothing recommendations from which a human stylist identifies best matching products for each customer.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

"Stitch Fix has combined the expertise of personal stylists with the insight and efficiency of artificial intelligence to analyse data on style trends, body measurements, customer feedback and preferences to arm the human stylists with a culled down version of possible recommendations. This helps the company provide its customers with personalized style recommendations that fit their lifestyle and budgets.

Using the data it collects, the company is designing its own styles known as Hybrid Designs. They think of each style as a collection of attributes such as color, arm length and neckline. Then, they look at the feedback that’s available for each of these attributes. By recombining attributes and even mutating them slightly, Stitch Fix is able to create new designs to share with its human designers to vet the final styles that make it into their inventory. Then, the styling algorithm will get the new products into the hands of customers and when they share their feedback, the cycle of evolution continues.

Ultimately, the stylist finalizes the selections from the inventory list and writes a personal note describing how the client might accessorize the items for a particular occasion and/or how they can pair them with other clothing in their closet."

Reported Results

StitchFix has 2.2 Million active customers and 7000 personal stylists. They have been using machine learning to identify how to best serve customers efficiently and in a timely matter.


"Calculate a match score between each available stylist and each client who’s requested a shipment during the current period. This match score is a complex function of the history between that client and stylist (if any), and the affinities between the client's stated and latent style preferences and those of the stylist."



Digital Marketing


Stitch Fix is an online subscription and personal shopping service in the United States founded in 2011.



"Clients' self-descriptions, Clothing attributes"

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