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AI Case Study

Stonewall Kitchen improved email open and conversion rates by 10 and 4% respectively through predictive modelling

Stonewall Kitchens improved email open and conversion rates by 10 and 4% for consumers that had not engaged with email in more than six months. They used Salesforce's Commerce Cloud which is claimed to be AI enabled.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

Stonewall Kitchen used Salesforce's Commerce Cloud in 2016 to optimise emails.

Limited details are available.

Reported Results

"Emails shared with their customers and prospects who hadn’t opened one in more than six months had a 9.7% click rate and a 4% conversion rate."

It is unclear how much AI was responsible for this result lift but the marketing suite is claimed to be AI enabled.




Channel Marketing


"Food producer Stonewall Kitchen re-platformed its entire e-commerce site with Salesforce Commerce Cloud in 2016, creating an entirely AI-driven on-site experience for their shoppers and have already been reaping the results in areas like cart abandonment and average order values."



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