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AI Case Study

Stratejos measures project progress and forecasts status by analysing data from common project management tools such as Jira or Slack using machine learning

Stratejos is a machine learning based smart assistant that processes data about estimates, time sheets, budgets etc from project management softwares, such as Jira, Slack and Hipchat, to provide feedback about how work is progressing, how it can be improved, and predict how it may go wrong.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Stratejos is an AI smart assistant that rapidly processes data in project management softwares, such as Atlassian’s JIRA, to provide the user with feedback about how their work is progressing, how it can be improved, and predict how it may go wrong.

Today Stratejos is primarily a Slack bot for Jira that lets Slack users chat with Atlassian’s Jira. Stratejos makes daily admin and team coordination more efficient in a delightful way. By chatting with Stratejos, using natural language, you can quickly create new tasks or search tasks in Jira. Stratejos then goes further by helping managers follow up on time sheets, get alerted to problems and automatically identify risks.

If the algorithm detects a current problem with the project, predicts a potential future issue or has advice to offer regarding progress, it will inform the user via the project tool’s chat functions. Stratejos can also email the user and send them a push notification to their phone if they have the compatible project tool app.

Stratejos can identify if sprints or projects are about to run intro trouble then help you resolve this."

Reported Results

Pilot; Results not yet available



Information Technology

Data Management


Stratejos assist project management by crunching the data in the software watching out for hits and misses.



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