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AI Case Study

Suramericana optimises urgent operations scheduling with predictive analytics and machine learning

Suramericana has leveraged ClickSoftware’s solution to substitute its previously manual process of optimising job scheduling. With the use of machine learning and predictive analytics, the company was able to gain visibility on jobs, achieve faster and more efficient service and improve their customers' experience. The solution analyses historical data of jobs and tasks, such as duration or likelihood of cancelation, to provide the more accurate predictions.



Healthcare Providers And Services

Project Overview

"ClickSoftware’s Schedule Optimization looks across many thousands of jobs, resources and locations simultaneously, and automatically produces the best possible schedule for your business; leveraging over twenty years of developing decision-making algorithms, service best practices and artificial intelligence.
Suramericana IT Analyst Mario Aristizabal explains his team is always in a rush to help customers. Before ClickSoftware, his team was using manual processes to help customers. Today, they’re working with ClickSoftware to create analytic models to prevent accidents."

Reported Results

"Suramericana IT Analyst Mario Aristizabal states that he sees three main benefits in ClickSoftware’s solution:

* Gain visibility by enabling techs to communicate with customers when they are traveling to a site, and to inform headquarters when they’ve completed a job.
* Optimizing scheduling through Artificial intelligence, which allows for faster, more efficient service.
* Improving customer experience by solving their problems quickly."


"ClickSoftware solutions for mobile workforce management leverage AI in predictive workforce intelligence.
ClickSoftware’s Predictive field service anticipates service fluctuations and automatically adjusts business processes accordingly. The solution is powered by the company's Machine Learning Cloud, which applies artificial intelligence across the service chain to find hidden patterns in data and make predictions that matter to service businesses. Predictive field service combines historical data with external sources to provide increasingly accurate predictions of important metrics (such as the duration of tasks or the likelihood of appointment cancellations) that have a material impact on key service business decisions."



Strategic Planning


"Suramericana, one of the largest insurance companies in Latin America aims at providing positive customer experiences with high quality, quick, and efficient service. Quick and efficient service is especially important when assisting customers through a car accident because they could be dealing with a life or death situation. Their customers need attention right away, and want to know when they can expect help."



historical data of jobs, resources and locations

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