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AI Case Study

Takeda partners with Numerate to improve pharmaceutical clinical trial efficiency by using AI to inform design decisions

The pharmaceutical company Takeda has announced its partnership with Numerate for clinical trial design. Numerate is a platform which uses AI algorithms to make clinical trial design decisions with regards to every state, including selecting participants and toxicity modelling. This is intended to reduce inefficiencies in the R&D process.



Pharmaceuticals And Biotech

Project Overview

"Numerate will drive discovery programs aimed at identifying clinical candidates for use in Takeda’s core therapeutic areas: oncology, gastroenterology, and central nervous system disorders. The projects will rely on Numerate leveraging its AI-driven platform, from hit finding and expansion through lead design/optimization and ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion)/toxicity modeling."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


According to the vendor: "Because our AI algorithms have been designed to handle very noisy and biased data, we are able to apply our model building capabilities to all publicly and privately available data. Using our model building platform we have developed a suite of over 6,000 mechanism-of-action based models for more than 2,500 protein targets.

Using a custom designed AI approach, we have also been able to develop predictive ADME models. Our approach can capture the non-linearities inherent in ADME due to the interplay of physical and biological assay structure, biochemical interactions, and physicochemical properties. We can model many of the most important ADME properties, including intestinal absorption, active efflux pumping and metabolic stability. Our ADME models out-perform the best methods in the literature, increasing accuracy as the drug program moves forward."


R And D

Core Research And Development


According to Takeda, "We are excited to partner with Numerate. Numerate has established an impressive track record of leveraging their AI platform to overcome drug design challenges, both for its own pipeline and in pharma/biotech collaborations... By having Numerate select projects that align with Takeda’s strategy we expect the partnership to yield multiple assets that Takeda can develop into truly transformative medicines for patients."


Cost - Targeted Trials/ Precision testing


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