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AI Case Study

Target increases express shopping via Google by 20% with personalised recommendations using machine learning

Google's Shopping Actions, keep track of consumer shopping across various channels and provides personalised recommendations and offers to increase basket size and customer loyalty. Google will also offer suggestions about places to shop or items that are likely to be bought together based on location.


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Project Overview

"The program offers online shoppers a universal cart whether they’re shopping on mobile, desktop or via a voice-powered device.

Google's "Shopping Actions," a program that aims to drive bigger sales for retailers and provide Google users with a seamless purchase journey whether it starts on a mobile device, a laptop, a desktop or through its voice assistant Google Home.
It assists in decisions from making decisions on what to buy, to building baskets, to checking out more quickly than ever before. Other features of the Shopping Action program include a shareable list, a universal shopping cart, instant checkout and a saved payment credentials feature.

Google shopping actions allows retailers to increase shopper loyalty by supporting things like 1-click re-ordering, personalized recommendations, and basket-building, says Google. For example, if a customer integrates their Ultamate Rewards account (Ulta’s loyalty program) with Google, it will know what other products to recommend based on past order history when the shopper is searching for a particular item.

Google says it will use a pay-per-sale model, which means it’s only taking a cut of the sale when a shopper makes a purchase. That’s different from Google’s pay-per-click ads, where businesses pay when a web searcher engages with an ad by visiting the website or calling the business.

According to Google, retail partners saw the average size of a customer’s shopping basket increase by 30 percent after joining the program, and Ulta saw average order values increase 35 percent. Target, which has been live for 6 months, says its Google Express shopping baskets increased nearly 20 percent, on average."

Reported Results

Target has seen consumer Express baskets increased by nearly 20 percent




Product Marketing


"Google will allow retailers to list their products across Google Search, in its Google Express shopping service, and in the Google Assistant app for smartphones and on smart speakers, like the Google Home in direct competition with Amazon."



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