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AI Case Study

Telefonica O2 automates processing of more than 35% of outsourced business processes using robotic process automation

Telefonica O2 deployed Blue Prism's RPA solution to automate outsourced back office operations. The aim was to reduce the cost of back office operations and cut its reliance on offshore recruitment to cope with spikes in workload. It also simplified changes to business processes.



Mobile Telecommunications Services

Project Overview

The volume of work done by BPOs was over a million transactions per month across 60 core processes. O2 managed to transform a significant portion of back office processing with service automation.

"In 2010, Telefónica O2 launched an RPA trial on two high-volume, low-complexity processes. One process was SIM swaps—the process of replacing a customer’s existing SIM with a new
SIM but keeping his or her existing number. The other process was the application of a pre-calculated credit to a customer’s account. Both of these processes were automated using RPA.

With just a team of three RPA developers
in-house, Telefónica O2 automated 15 core processes including SIM swaps, credit checks,
order processing, customer reassignment, unlatching, porting, ID generation, customer dispute
resolution and customer data updates, representing about 35 percent of all back office
transactions by first quarter of 2015.

Reported Results

As of April 2015, Telefónica O2 deployed over 160 “robots”
to process between 400,000 and 500,000 transactions each month, yielding a three-year return on investment of between 650 and 800 percent.

For some processes, it reduced the turnaround time from days to just minutes lowering the number of customer “chase up” calls by over 80 percent per year.




General Operations


"Telefónica O2 is the second-largest mobile telecommunications provider in the United Kingdom (UK) and is headquartered in Slough. As of 2015, O2 had 24 million customers and operated over 450 retail stores. Their back office operations were outsourced to India."



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