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AI Case Study

TGI Friday's increases happy hour revenue by 70% through ad campaign personalisation based on app users' social media posting

TGI Friday's has tested using AI-powered bots to scan social media data and then send push notifications to users of the restaurant's mobile app based on their social media content. In the initial pilot in New York City, happy hour revenue was up by 70%.


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Project Overview

From the Wall Street Journal: "In a test of the technologies during a heat wave in New York City last summer, TGI Friday’s tailored pitches to its mobile app users, based on their recent social media posts. If an app user said on Twitter they were dying for a cold Long Island Iced Tea, the chain’s AI bots flagged the post and algorithms matched it to that customer already in the restaurant’s databases. Then TGI Friday’s added a reference to the drink in a message sent to the person’s mobile device to come in during happy hour".

Reported Results

TGI Friday's claims that "Revenue during happy hour in TGI Friday’s restaurants in the city grew by 70% during the test".


The Wall Street Journal: "TGI Friday’s builds most of the algorithms itself but works with some third-parties to collect and scrub data".



Digital Marketing


According to the Wall Street Journal: "TGI Friday’s Inc. is expanding the use of artificial intelligence to target ads to individual customers, building upon an experiment last summer that led to a notable increase in sales. The restaurant chain is sweeping up data from point-of-sale systems, social media posts, credit card transactions, and mobile devices, and using AI, bots and mobile apps to develop the campaigns".



Social media data from Twitter, Facebook and TGI Friday's app use data

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