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AI Case Study

The Adecco Group deploys a recruiting chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning to identify suitable candidates and to handle communication

The Adecco Group, a leading workforce solutions provider, employs Mya to enhance recruitment services. The machine learning and natural language processing based solution identifies matching candidates and initiates conversation during which it gauges interest and skills as well as keeps the candidate updated about recruitment process.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

"Mya is an AI chatbot that leverages proprietary natural language processing and machine learning techniques to automate outreach and communications with job candidates, helping to solve the inefficiencies in traditional recruiting that often result in long wait times, low conversion rates and a poor candidate experience. The Adecco Group, which operates in 60 countries and puts over 1.3 million people to work every day, will use Mya to further boost its recruitment model.

Mya will integrate with Adecco’s applicant tracking system software and its calendar systems and will initially provide support for the company’s light industrial, call centre, and administrative-clerical recruiting sectors. The technology will be in use with twelve of Adecco’s highest volume accounts in the US this Q4 holiday season."

Reported Results

Results undisclosed



Human Resources



"The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of workforce solutions, transforming the world of work through talent and technology. Each year, The Adecco Group provides over 1 million people around the world with career opportunities, guidance and insights."



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