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AI Case Study

The British Army is operating an unmanned air vehicle which is able to take-off, fly and land autonomously

The British army operates Thales’s Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle to protect troops. The Watchkeeper is able to fly over an area of interest for more than 16 hours straight and can navigate completely autonomously while also gathering real-time information of interest.



Aerospace And Defence

Project Overview

"The British army uses Thales’s Watchkeeper unmanned air vehicle to protect our troops. Watchkeeper can loiter unseen over an area of interest for 16+ hours at a time - automatically taking off, flying there and back, and landing - capturing and transmitting real-time information about threats on the ground.

At an Unmanned Warrior event, hosted by the Royal Navy, Thales demonstrated how an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, launched from a ship or the shore, can tow a sonar array and detect and report underwater mines, following a predetermined search grid.

An Unmanned Underwater Vehicle can navigate to predetermined coordinates - perhaps to examine deep sea cable - recording information as it goes, returning to base when the mission has been completed."

Reported Results

Proof of concept; results not yet available


Autonomous vehicles







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