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AI Case Study

The Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala detects lack of seatbelt or helmet usage in motor vehicles in with 98% accuracy in trial

The Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala, India has trialled using AI software in its traffic cameras to detect whether motorcyclists are wearing helmets and seatbelts in other vehicles. The system was reportedly trialled in the city of Thiruvananthapuram with 98% accuracy.




Project Overview

The Motor Vehicle Department in Kerala, India is planning to augment its speed detection cameras with machine learning to "detect two wheelers riding without a helmet and four wheel vehicles in which the driver is not wearing a seat belt." The system has been trialled in Thiruvananthapuram. It is unclear, however, if the system works in real-time or spot-checks static images.

Reported Results

Purportedly the trial saw 98% accuracy, although additional details are unavailable. The state is planning on rolling out the software to all its cameras.


Details undisclosed


Legal And Compliance



Speeding detection cameras are prevalent in the Indian state of Kerala, but will have AI capabilities introduced to reduce the need for manual checking by law enforcement.



Images of motor vehicles and their drivers taken from speed detection cameras.

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