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AI Case Study

The Salvador Dalí Museum enhances visitor experience through a lifelike of the artist on screens throughout the museum

The Salvador Dalí Museum has announced that, starting in April 2019, it will bring Salvador Dalí 'back to life'. The museum in Florida has partnered with Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco (GS&P) to offer its guest the experience of interacting with an engaging lifelike Dali on screens throughout the Museum. Based on interviews, quotes, and existing archival footage from the artist GS&P trained an AI algorithm what Dali was like. Then the system matches that to an actor's face and expressions to resemble him.


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Project Overview

"Visitors to the Museum will soon have the opportunity to learn more about Dali’s life and work from the person who knew him best: the artist himself. Using an artificial intelligence (AI)-based cutting edge technique, the new “Dali Lives” experience employs machine learning to create a version of Dali’s likeness, resulting in an uncanny resurrection of the mustached master. When the experience opens, visitors will for the first time be able to interact with an engaging lifelike Salvador Dali on a series of screens throughout the Museum.

The Dali partnered with Goodby Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco (GS&P) to bring the master of Surrealism to life. The Museum began this immersive project by collecting and sharing hundreds of interviews, quotes, and existing archival footage from the prolific artist.

GS&P used these extensive materials to train an AI algorithm to “learn” aspects of Dali’s face, then looked for an actor with the same general physical characteristics of Dali’s body. The AI then generates a version of Dali’s likeness to match the actor’s face and expressions. To educate visitors while engaging with “Dali Lives,” the Museum used authentic writings from Dali himself – coupled with dynamic present-day messages – reenacted by the actor."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available




" Imagine legendary surrealist artist Salvador Dali personally welcoming you to the museum, even sharing observations on current events and the motivations behind his masterpieces. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida announced today, on the 30th anniversary of the artist’s death, that it will celebrate Dali’s art and legacy with “Dali Lives,” a groundbreaking experience to be unveiled exclusively at The Dali in April 2019."



"interviews, quotes, and existing archival footage"

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