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AI Case Study

The UK Co-op improved website conversation by 11% using an artificial intelligence powered marketing platforms

The UK Co-op worked with StoryStream to optimise content on their website. StoryStream claims their marketing platform uses AI and improved conversion rates by 11% and delivered a 800% improvement in content curation time.


Consumer Goods And Services

Food Beverage And Drugs

Project Overview

"The UK’s fifth largest retailer Co-op recently used StoryStream’s new AI platform Aura for their #nowcookit campaign across content analytics, digital asset management and multichannel publishing"

Reported Results

"Dwell times on their website increase by up to 5x, an 11% conversion rate and an 8x improvement in content curation time for the retailer’s marketing team."




Creative And Brand


Creating engaging content that is personalised for website audiences is well suited to artificial intelligence.



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