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AI Case Study

TravelBird reduced call centre average handling time by 30% while reaching 90% customer satisfaction using automated customer service response handling

TravelBird holiday booking site implemented DigitalGenius as to improve customer service after increasing numbers of queries. DigitalGenius has improved call centre handling time by reducing it on average 30% while customer satisfaction is at 90%. It does so by automating customer service ticket tagging using machine learning.


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Project Overview

According to DigitalGenius: "DigitalGenius ingested historical customer service tickets and used them to automatically train a deep learning model. High accuracy with tag predictions ensures tickets can be quickly routed to the correct team’s ticket views. When an agent receives a new question, they are presented with an AI-suggested response to save time. DigitalGenius automates the most common customer service queries."

Reported Results

"Nine months after the implementation, the CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is at 90%, customer agent retention went from 8 to 12 months and AHT (Average Handling Time) went down by 30%."



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TravelBird provides holiday package deals. From DigitalGenius: "TravelBird receives over 900,000 incoming traveler questions per year, answered in 11 countries by email, phone, social media and SMS. To manage an increasing volume of queries, while increasing customer satisfaction, TravelBird looked to new computer technology to take charge of repetitive tasks like tagging and macro suggestion based on historical data & continuous AI learning".



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