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AI Case Study

Triumvirate Environmental curates 70% of marketing content to resonate better with target audience using natural language processing and machine learning

Triumvirate Environmental, a waste management and environmental safety services company based in Florida, uses Curata's Content Curation Software to aid their marketing team identify articles that match their own content to better attract potential customers across four different industries. The machine learning model learns customer preferences from clicks and views and does better targeting over time.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"Curata’s self-learning discovery engine enables them to identify at least 20 articles a month to complement their own in-house content and feed the content needs of their four newsletters.
Based on clicks and views of the newsletters, the pieces which resonate with audience can be identified and create own content.

In addition, Curata CCS has enabled Triumvirate Environmental’s marketing team to:

* Identify the most relevant articles across the Internet to feed the content needs of four industry-specific newsletters.
* Provide content that helps move prospects closer to becoming customers.
* Bolster the company’s comprehensive content marketing program.
* Integrate newsletter production with HubSpot marketing.”

Reported Results

According to Curata, Triumvirate:

* Gained more than 10,000 new subscribers in 2 years
* Generated 2X Web traffic and 3X qualified marketing leads
* Generates about 70% of the newsletter content from outside articles






"Triumvirate Environmental is a waste management and environmental health and safety services company. Webinars, blogs, white papers, case studies, and eBooks are among the elements used by the marketing team to attract and convert prospects and retain customers."



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