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AI Case Study

US Department of the Air Force plans to use AI system to assist employees with acquisition and procurement rules and guidelines

The US Department of the Air Force is planning to introduce an AI system which would allow employees to query government procurement and acquisition rules and assist in drawing up contracts based on situational needs.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"The department is now running a pilot project, working with two contractors, and hopes to unveil the AI system both online and as a phone application starting later in 2018. The Department of the Air Force plans to use artificial intelligence to help acquisition professionals make sense of complex acquisition regulations and speed the process of buying goods and services. The department will upload thousands of regulations, contract cases, acquisition training material and Defense Department policy. AI technology then will be able to answer queries from federal contract officials and contractors about acquisition rules and regulations, such as how to proceed with a contract, what procedures to follow or what contract a small business could bid on. Acquisition professionals tend to use the contract type they are used to, rather than the most appropriate one—even if it is not the best or most efficient contract for their purchase—because they know how to follow the regulations for that specific contract."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


Details unspecified


Legal And Compliance



"Every federal agency and branch has dealt with the complicated acquisition process for obtaining goods and services. Many federal workers and contractors report it is daunting to decipher the thousands of pages of intricate federal and defense acquisition regulations, let alone become familiar with them. For the Department of the Air Force, a huge government purchaser, the challenge is exponentially larger than for many other agencies. In s- cal 2017 alone, the department spent around $53 billion on products and services, or 11 cents of every dollar the federal government spent on acquisitions that year."



"information from Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement; other laws and rules; institutional knowledge in the form of past contracts and requests for proposals; Defense Acquisition University guides; and the requirements of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System process".

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