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AI Case Study

USO predicts cyber attacks using machine learning to analyse activity at network end points

USO has several network end points as they work with several vendors. To secure their network from potential cyber attacks, they have deployed CylancePROTECT platform which uses machine learning to predict cyber attacks. The platform detects any code matching previous malware code sequence.


Public And Social Sector


Project Overview

"USO works with outside vendors and supports a large walk-in user base and has several access points like remote computer kiosks, smart panels used for room scheduling, and on-site wireless access points."

Cylance specialises in network endpoint security by analysing and classifying each access request to predict degree of threat.

Reported Results

Cylance claims their solution is 99.9% effective against attacks


NMAP Clustering


Information Technology



"The United Service Organizations Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides live entertainment, such as comedians and musicians, and other programs to members of the United States Armed Forces and their families."



"Hundreds of millions of files are compiled from multiple sources, which include live data feeds, government databases, proprietary repositories, as well as research and scientific surveys that are open source. The ability to gather and store data in the cloud, as well as extract data from mobile, IoT, and embedded systems, facilitates taking data collection to new heights that were not possible even just a few years ago."

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