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AI Case Study

Virgin Holidays increased email open rates by 2 percentage points by automating their composition and testing

Virgin Holidays has automated generation of email subject lines keeping in-line with the brand's style using Phrasee. Different subject lines are also tested to determine the best to send to customers, which has resulted in an email open rate increase of 2 percentage points.


Consumer Goods And Services

Travel And Leisure

Project Overview

For over three years Virgin Holidays has implemented Phrasee to generate marketing email subject lines. "Phrasee uses an agile testing method, which identifies the “winner” out of a variety of subject lines sent to a small testing pool of recipients, based on performance, and uses that top performer as the subject line for the bulk of the send. Virgin Holidays shares specific language requirements for communications with Phrasee a month in advance, to ensure subject lines are relevant for the planned campaign. The system can generate 10 brand compliant subject lines within 30 seconds."

Reported Results

Email open rates increased by 2 percentage points. Revenue generation specifics undisclosed: "several million pounds in revenue".


"Phrasee’s Natural Language Generation is indistinguishable from humans and with applied Deep Learning can reliably predict, refine and optimize the performance of subject lines."



Creative And Brand


For Virgin Holidays "the first motivation for employing an AI system to generate subject lines for the brand’s marketing campaigns was overcoming system and staff limitations. 'We had legacy IT systems and technology in place, and we wanted to change our approach and process. Virgin Holidays has about 200 communication types and sends about 22 million emails annually... It made sense to address changes to subject lines first. Your email subject line is your headline; it’s the first thing that attracts the customer. We were looking to bring engagement up quickly without changing our systems.' "



Details undisclosed

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