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AI Case Study

Walmart plans to automate drafting of initial discovery requests for legal complaints against the company using LegalMation

Walmart is adopting LegalMation's AI software which automatically goes through personal injury and employment legal allegations and drafts initial discovery requests. These are then passed to its legal counsel, automating the usually rote first step.


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Project Overview

According to Bloomberg Law, LegalMation "can read a complaint and hone in on the key allegations... LegalMation then prepares draft answers with defenses that a lawyer can review before finalizing, shaving off the time attorneys have to spend on a case. Walmart uses the tool in-house before it assigns a case to an outside firm. The idea is to reduce time-consuming but low-level work for outside attorneys".
From BusinessWire: "LegalMation’s platform provides in-house legal teams and outside counsel the ability to respond to lawsuits and to draft the initial round of discovery requests in less than 2 minutes, shaving as much as 10 hours of attorney time on each lawsuit. By simply uploading a PDF copy of a lawsuit, LegalMation automatically prepares a draft answer and initial set of targeted requests for documents, form interrogatories and special interrogatories."

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


LegalMation "automates early stage litigation work by leveraging innovative IBM Watson". (BusinessWire)


Legal And Compliance



From Big Law Business: "Larger corporations such as Walmart show the potential of automation in streamlining repetitive legal tasks. The company has focused its efforts on the personal injury and employment litigation it sees in every state... About 60 percent of the cases against Walmart over the past five years related to personal injury while nearly 15 percent were employment related, according to data from Bloomberg Law. The allegations often are redundant [and the] department wants to eliminate 'cut-and-paste' work at the start of litigation to free up attorneys for more strategic jobs."



PDFs of legal documents

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