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AI Case Study

Wargaming Group Limited democratizes customer data analytics by using natural language interface for querying to reduce customer churn

Wargaming Group uses FriendlyData's natural language processing interface to make data accessible to everyone without possessing technical know-how. Friendly Data's Fetch platform offers a natural language processing interface to interact with database.


Consumer Goods And Services

Entertainment And Sports

Project Overview

"FriendlyData Natural Language Interface processes questions and the built-it NLP interface will translate words into SQL and processes them."

Using the platform any can perform their own analysis without needing technical know-how thereby fostering a data driven organization. Giving access to wider-base has helped them gather insights into customer behaviour and thus promote upsells, and reduce customer churn."

Reported Results

Access to wider user base has led to better analytics practices and enabled them to promote upsells and reduce churn


NLP query parser


Information Technology



"Wargaming Group Limited is a leader at the free-to-play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game market with Millions of users,
Millions of ‘events’ generated by company’s mainline games, daily
Multiple data sources (battles, sessions, accounts, logs) for each game Players located in different time zones across Europe, North America, CIS, and Asia"



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