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AI Case Study

Watchfinder increases average order value by 13% with targeted re-marketing campaign using Google Analytics

Watchfinder uses Google Analytics to retarget customers to visit website, complete purchase and encourage footfalls to physical stores by segmenting customers and creating targeted advertising


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Project Overview

"The average order value on Watchfinder’s site is more than £3,500, the company found buying decisions tended to take time, often spanning weeks or months. In fact, less than 1% of visitors were completing purchases on their first site visit. Watchfinder’s challenge was to reengage and also maintain a conversation with these visitors, encouraging them to return and place an order. In addition to driving customers back to its site, Watchfinder also wanted to encourage customers to visit its new physical boutique.

Remarketing with Google Analytics allows advertisers to tap into valuable insights about website visitors who show an interest in products, identify the most relevant audiences and run ads across the Google Display Network that are tailored to that audience using the industry’s most powerful segmentation capabilities.
Periscopix created 20 highly focused lists of visitors who demonstrated intent but did not purchase. Specifically, lists were based on various aspects of user context such as location, language and what stage of the purchase funnel they were in. On-site behavior helped identify groups that had spent a certain amount of time on the site or had viewed a certain number of pages. Other lists were based on users who had viewed a specific watch brand on the site. Additionally, traffic performance analysis across a variety of GA dimensions revealed that certain internet service providers (ISPs) in the London financial district yielded traffic with much higher engagement and above average conversion rates. As a result, Periscopix designed segments of interest to investment banks such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs to engage with employees at these companies by conveying tailored messages to these key groups of interested consumers. "

Reported Results

According to Google:

* 1,300% ROI
* Average order value (AOV) increased by 13%
* Remarketing campaigns resulted in 34% lower CPAs than non-brand search campaigns




Marketing Research Planning


Watchfinder is a leading U.K based retailer of premium, pre-owned watches.



Funnel stage, location, language, on-site behavior, ISP

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