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AI Case Study

Westwing, analyzes cross-device integration data using Google analytics in order to market consumers more effectively.

Westwing uses Google's Universal Analytics to better understand customers' cross-device usage patterns such as how mobile devices are key to its customers' path to purchase or cross account conversion to devise targeted online marketing strategies.


Consumer Goods And Services

Personal And Household Goods

Project Overview

The project goals were to understand cross-device usage patterns and purchasing paths and align marketing decisions with customer behavior across devices. Google conducted user-centred analytics to track cross-account and cross-device conversion tracking. Having a clear picture of shopping paths of users helped West Wing map its marketing spend and be more effective with campaigns.

Reported Results

Google claims it:

* Reduced average page load time by 18%
* Adjusted marketing spend for more accurate alignment with true user behaviour
* Discovered smartphones and tablets were undervalued in purchase path in previous analyses and increased spending via these channels




Channel Marketing




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