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AI Case Study

Xbox has reduced user download wait time in half by prioritising download order of files using machine learning in a pilot

Microsoft is implementing machine learning in a pilot project which prioritises video game file downloads for the Xbox. This has purportedly reduced player wait times by up to half by queuing them in the order that the user will need to access them.


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Project Overview

Microsoft has deployed FastStart for a few pilot games for users of its Xbox Insider Program, which essentially allows for user testing and feedback. According to AI News: "FastStart learns how gamers play and what files are needed to be downloaded first. Xbox has long had a similar ‘Ready to Start’ system where games can be played while the rest downloads in the background. This system required developers to manually configure it during the game’s development, but FastStart is automatic as a platform-level feature." Windows Central reports that "Microsoft's servers analyze which parts of a game installation are accessed first, and begin compiling the install order to reflect that progression".

Reported Results

"Microsoft claims this can half the time it takes for a user to get into their new content — if it previously took 30 minutes to download and play, it will now take just 15 minutes." (AI News)



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Video game file sizes continue to increase, requiring that players wait for longer while content downloads before they can start playing. As gaming platforms such as Xbox have moved to more subscription-based models where users can download unlimited games for a fixed price, there is more of a need to decrease download times.



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