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AI Case Study

Zendesk implements MarianaIQ to identify and better target audiences for Facebook marketing campaigns

Zendesk has implemented the MarianaIQ software to determine audience characteristics to target on Facebook to improve ad click-through rate. The software analyses the company's historic client data and generates composites of target audiences, which Zendesk can then use to target on Facebook.



Software And It Services

Project Overview

According to Techemergence: "Zendesk uploaded their historical contacts to the MarianaIQ UI, MarianaIQ appended data and created persona profiles from those. For each campaign, Zendesk chooses account and persona criteria on the UI, MarianaIQ then finds the matching audience and shares with Zendesk to target on Facebook campaigns."

Reported Results

Zendesk told Techemergence they have been "able to increase lead volume by 4X. Zendesk highlights a direct correlation between quality of a target audience and lead cost, with more tightly segmented audiences from MarianaIQ driving more results by virtue of driving down cost-per-lead."




Marketing Research Planning


From Techemergence: "Zendesk was having a problem with consistently generating ROI on pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM, like Google AdWords). The company felt that its target audiences were often too broad to convert well, resulting in higher cost to acquire a customer through PPC and SEM channels".



Historical contact data - specifics undisclosed

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