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AI Case Study

Zenplace plans to implement conversational agents to connect tenants with property management through home devices

Zenplace is developing a chatbot which allows tenants to connect through third-party devices (e.g. Google Home and Alexa) to connect to property managers for service requests.


Financial Services

Real Estate Development Operations

Project Overview

Zenplace is "developing a chatbot through Amazon’s Echo that allows renters to pay their rent, place service requests and make other demands that would usually fall on the shoulders of a property manager" (from Techemergence).

Reported Results

Planned; results not yet available


Details unspecified


Customer Service



From "[P]roperty owners continue to find rental and management extremely frustrating and worrisome – challenged with issues like determining optimal rent, to finding reliable tenants, to leasing quickly and easily, receiving the rent on time, and efficient maintenance of their properties".



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