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AI Use Case

Create video and image based content optimised for customers and consumers

Create content optimised to customers and consumers



Creative And Brand


Revenue - New service,Revenue - Higher response rates,Revenue - Personalisation

Case Studies

"Delta Faucet~Delta Faucet increases page views per person by 49% by delivering one-to-one marketing experience to 500,000 customers using AI generated or curated content",The Hollywood Reporter~The Hollywood Reporter increases website traffic and customer engagement by personalising auto-play video content using machine learning,Siemens~Siemens develops a platform to provide AI-generated headlines and content suggestion for its communications writers,Choosy~Choosy plans to design and sell apparel according to popular social media trends ,The Weather Channel~The Weather Channel is able to automatically generate digital video content localised for each region using machine learning,Las Vegas Review Journal~Las Vegas Review Journal publishes 372% more video content by automatically creating videos from stories using photographs and other content using machine learning,"Gruppo L’Espresso~Gruppo L’Espresso creates 2.5x more videos than it used to, with automatic video creation platform which uses social media trends to decide video content",Apple~Apple iOS 10 creates thematic movies from user photos using facial recognition while remaining low latency,TMZ~TMZ generates more than 6.5m video views on Facebook by auto editing video contents to suit device screens or platforms using machine learning

Potential Vendors



Data Sets

Text,Images,Audio,Video,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation,Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),ML Task - Prediction - Generation

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