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AI Use Case

Diagnose emotional reaction to enhance customer experience

Use facial tracking to predict identity - and potentially emotional reaction to service proposition - to support targeted customer offerings.



Creative And Brand


Revenue - Higher response rates,Revenue - Customer experience

Case Studies

Hawaii’s State Tourism Authority~Hawaii's tourism authority uses emotion recognition to understand customer emotions and personalise travel offers based on their likes and dislikes,University of Melbourne~University of Melbourne researchers predict consumer beer preference with 82% accuracy using biometric measures ,Humana Inc.~Humana achieves 28-percent increase in customer satisfaction by coaching agents and supervisors in real-time by recognising emotions from customer voice,YouFirst~YouFirst optimises video campaign and brand strategy through emotion tracking ,Microsoft~Microsoft trains a deep neural network to identify human laugh and its intensity ,Mars Inc.~Mars Inc improves ad performance with computer vision and machine learning,LG~LG maximises consumer engagement with ad video using machine learning and machine vision,Heineken~Heineken invests in more engaging marketing material with machine vision and machine learning

Potential Vendors

Expedia Media Solutions,Cogito,Microsoft,RealEyes,RealEyes,RealEyes


Data Sets


AI Technologies

Product Type - Vision - Face Emotion,Product Type - Vision - Face Detection,Machine Learning (ML),Model Architecture - Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

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