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AI Use Case

Enable enhanced retail customer experience and service through chatbots

Enhanced customer's retail experience and service through chatbots able to provide access to wide ranges of knowledge at scale.



Revenue - Customer experience,Revenue - Customer engagement,Operational - Customer wait times

Case Studies

"Whole Foods~Whole Foods enhances shopping experience at physical stores by using chatbots to offer recipes with ingredients in the aisle, easier search option with emojis etc.",Estée Lauder~Estée Lauder provides a superior online shopping experience to customers using augmented reality and chatbots,SWBC~SWBC automates addressing customer queries about claim submissions with 95% accuracy using chatbot ,Virgin Australia~Virgin Australia cuts down the time it takes to build predictive models by up to 90% while boosting accuracy by up to 15% with machine learning ,Copa Airlines~Copa Airlines enhances online customer experience through a chatbot travel agent ,Hipmunk~Hipmunk has simplifyied travel planning with its free virtual travel agent powered by AI,Spruce~Spruce uses a chatbot to enhance guest experience by updating employees with information about guests and speeding up check-outs,Macys~Macy’s launches an in-store shopping assistant to help shoppers find information using conversational agents,UPS~UPS enhances customer service through AI-enabled chatbot which assists with tracking packages and finding shipping rates and locations,All England Lawn Tennis Club~The All England Lawn Tennis Club assists attendees navigate the venue with an event specific conversational chatbot,GoFind.AI~GoFind.AI improves shopping by finding matching products from images​ with 92% accuracy,TicketMaster~TicketMaster uses conversational voice and text chatbots to improve event searching and ticket sales experience

Potential Vendors

Facebook,Next IT,DataRobot,Spruce,IBM Watson,Satisfi,IBM Watson,Dialogflow


Consumer Goods And Services

Retail General

Data Sets

Text,Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

Product - Chatbots,Product Type - Speech - Voice to text,ML Task - Prediction - Data Translation/Transformation,Product Type - Natural Language Processing (NLP),Product Type - NLP - Natural Language Understanding,Traditional AI,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Generation,Product Type - NLP - Natural Language Generation

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