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AI Use Case

Evaluate investment opportunities in early stage companies

Evaluate investment opportunities in early stage companies by crunching data on comparables, market factors and broader economic data. This helps investors narrow down their investment choices - but at this stage would continue to include significant margins of risk.



Revenue - Improve trading decisions (eg market demand estimates),Cost - Better targeted spend (eg marketing),Operational - Service / outcome scaling

Case Studies

Circle Up~Circle Up helps startups raise funds via crowd funding by evaluating their potential and risk using machine learning ,GV~GV evaluates new and follow-on investments using machine learning,ScriptBook~ScriptBook produces financial forecasts for films based on their scripts using machine learning and natural language processing

Potential Vendors


Financial Services

Fund And Asset Management

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,Machine Learning (ML),ML Task - Prediction - Regression,Traditional AI

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