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AI Use Case

Identify and navigate roads and obstructions in real time for autonomous driving

Identify and navigate roads and obstructions in real-time for autonomous driving. This requires a mapping of both relatively static elements - such as the road layout - but also dynamic threat assessment.



Revenue - New product,Cost - Job automation,Operational Support - Situational awareness,Risk reduction - Real time awareness

Case Studies

Local Motors~Local Motors offers mobility to people with disabilities through a 3D printed autonomous vehicle with natural language processing ,Tus-Caohejing Science Park Shanghai~Driverless street sweepers able to clean a park in less than 20 minutes employed for trial run in Shanghai's Tus-Caohejing Science Park ,Uber~Uber's self driving car failed to visualise and recognise a pedestrian and the potential risk in real-time resulting in a fatal accident,Tesla Inc~Drivers demonstrate Tesla's Autopilot limitations in recreation of fatal Model X crash at exact same location,CMA CGM~CMA CGM enhances its cargo ships piloting and collision avoidance techniques through real time object detection


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Data Sets

Video,Time series,Structured / Semi-structured,Images

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson,,Shone

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