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AI Use Case

Identify and navigate roads and obstructions in real time for autonomous driving

Identify and navigate roads and obstructions in real-time for autonomous driving. This requires a mapping of both relatively static elements - such as the road layout - but also dynamic threat assessment.



Revenue - New product,Cost - Job automation,Operational Support - Situational awareness,Risk reduction - Real time awareness

Case Studies

Local Motors~Local Motors offers mobility to people with disabilities through a 3D printed autonomous vehicle with natural language processing ,Tus-Caohejing Science Park Shanghai~Driverless street sweepers able to clean a park in less than 20 minutes employed for trial run in Shanghai's Tus-Caohejing Science Park ,Uber~Uber's self driving car failed to visualise and recognise a pedestrian and the potential risk in real-time resulting in a fatal accident,Tesla Inc~Drivers demonstrate Tesla's Autopilot limitations in recreation of fatal Model X crash at exact same location,CMA CGM~CMA CGM enhances its cargo ships piloting and collision avoidance techniques through real time object detection

Potential Vendors

IBM Watson,,Shone


Consumer Goods And Services

Automobiles And Parts

Data Sets

Video,Time series,Structured / Semi-structured,Images

AI Technologies

ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,ML Task - Action Selection - Reinforcement Learning

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