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AI Use Case

Monitor application performance for resource management and measure KPIs and to identify issues before they become widepsread

Monitor application KPIs and performance for resource management to identify issues before they become widespread or too costly


Information Technology



Cost - Asset uptime optimisation,Operational - Increased machine uptime,Cost - Process simplification

Case Studies

Expedia ~Expedia Affiliate Network optimises resource utilization and deploys changes 50% faster by constant monitoring of cloud-hosted applications using machine learning,Constant Contact~Constant Contact adapted a DevOps culture and monitors application performance constantly using machine learning,Condé Nast~Condé Nast improves average response time to issues during new content and capability rollout to their websites by 70% using machine learning,Citrix~Citrix's IT department achieves 30% more deliverables and deploys cloud software upgrades 75% faster by tracking application performance and code changes using machine learning,"Ocado~Ocado saves £100,000 per annum by real-time monitoring of cloud migrations and performance of web applications and identifying issues automatically using machine learning",Riot Games~Riot Games detects anomalies negatively impacting project and software performance in real time to improve product delivery

Potential Vendors

New Relic,New Relic,Dynatrace,New Relic,New Relic



Internet Services Consumer

Data Sets

Structured / Semi-structured,Time series

AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML)

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