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AI Use Case

Monitor student's attentiveness in class with facial recognition technology

Students expressions and movements are analysed to check that they are paying attention in class. The system will be able to tell if students are reading or listening – or napping at their desks. Students will get a real-time attentiveness score, which will be shown to their teacher on a screen.



Operational Support - Situational awareness,Operational - Lower error rates

Case Studies

"""Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School, China (Ministry of Education)""~China's Hangzhou No. 11 Middle School monitors students through facial recognition cameras",New York State Education Department~The New York State Education Department blocks Lockport District's plan to use facial recognition at state schools

Potential Vendors

Hikvision Digital Technology,SN Technologies


Public And Social Sector

Education And Academia

Data Sets


AI Technologies

Machine Learning (ML),Product Type - Vision - Face Identification,Product Type - Vision - Face Detection,ML Task - Prediction - Annotation,ML Task - Prediction - Binary Classification,ML Task - Prediction - Multi-class Classification,Product - Eye Tracking

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