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AI Use Case

Optimise building management including space management, health and safety

Sensors and advanced analytics improve building management- - e.g. space management, health and safety


Human Resources

Health And Safety


Cost - Asset uptime optimisation,Operational - Employee satisfaction,Cost - Optimise resource allocation

Case Studies

Skanska~Skanska identifies potential jobsite safety hazards in real-time using machine learning to automatically tag videos and photos with infractions occurring,"Gousto~Gousto, a British meal kit retailer uses genetic algorithms to optimise warehouse to determine factory layout and movement of boxes through the floor",WeWork~WeWork predicts office meeting room usage with 40% more accuracy using neural networks ,UK Registered Charity~A UK registered charity predicts visitor flow to its building with Markov chain algorithms,Heathrow~Heathrow Airport tackles delays due to bad weather with the use of AI

Potential Vendors,ASI Data Science


Data Sets

Images,Video,Time series

AI Technologies

Product Type - Vision - Object detection,Machine Learning (ML),Product - Data Capture - Drones Remote Sensing,Product Type - Vision - Semantic segmentation

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